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You may have heard a lot about Social Media Optimization and may even be implementing it here and there, but are you truly driving results?

Many can tackle social media optimization, but few approach it like TopRank Online Marketing.

Once we understand the desired objective, we choose tactics wisely, while cognizant of what actions will influence the desired outcome with the most impact.
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TopRank can help you climb the social media mountain by first developing a SMO (Social Media Optimization) strategy. Next, we work with you to identify desired outcomes - i.e. inquiries, traffic/page views, sales, reputation, influence, credibility, charity.

Social Media Optimization is characterized by communities that allow users to do many or all of the following:

-  Create profiles/accounts
-  Grow a network of colleagues/friends
-  Collaborate with other community members
-  Submit content
-  Vote on content
-  Tag content
-  Comment on content

With the plethora of social media options, TopRank ensures that you tackle the right channels with the right content!
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